UMB and Council visit to JKUAT Nakuru CBD Campus

I am taken aback, to my home village in the outcasts of Gilgil town. It is always silent and the place’s aura is peaceful and full of tranquility. Of import though and for the purposes of this article is that, the place always goes without much fun or fair, until a mention of a visitor’s visit. It is at this moment that everyone abandons all that was being done, joining hands and prepare to welcome the visitor.
A rather normal and casual day turns into something lively, there is fun and fair. A tedious sweeping duty among other home chaos now become jubilant activities done with sweet sound of melody and harmony. The passersby meet these melodious voices from afar: the sloppy valleys, at the top hills and at the plains. It is all systems go. The Saturday or Sunday best (and everyone has theirs) stacked at the depths of their suitcases are fetched, re-ironed and readied for the great occasion.
The mood at Nakuru CBD campus was not further from these, and our able Dr. James Ngaruiya (Ph.D), the Campus Director, sounded the rallying call. We all took the cue and the campus came to live. The preparations were underway and the women were spot on with decorations for the premise among other things. The men were closely behind, they were in their very best suits and they sure were as gentlemen.
The D-day had arrived; the spirits were high, the faces were blissful, and the members’ expectations were riding high. Fortunately or unfortunately, the rains poured cats and dogs delaying the welcome of our visitors. What a good reminder it was of the Parable of Ten Virgins in the good old Book. They waited for their Lord to come, and when He tarried, they all slept. Similarly, we were nearly caught unawares for the time had already been spent. The rain was not relenting and the hopes of meeting with our visitors were swiftly dwindling. To some, the presence of our VC “woke” them from slumber, as we all were now alert and very jubilant. May these sweet memories last with us forever.
Our visitors had finally arrived, namely the University Management Board (UMB) led by none other than Prof. Victoria Ngumi (Ph.D), the Vice Chancellor (VC) and the University Council members. We had a fruitful meeting, and we all were feeling grateful and honored for the visit by the top organ of the University. We can only wish to see them again soon. As the Swahili saying goes, “Karibu mgeni, mwenyeji apone”, the hosts Nakuru CBD Campus led by our very own Dr. James Ngaruiya (Ph.D), we claim the healing and the renewal of our minds and spirits to set trends in higher education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Story by fnyabando

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