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The college of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS) builds up from the Faculty of Science which was founded in 1989.The core business of Faculty of Science was to facilitate other faculties. Accordingly, it was a Faculty meant to service others. Since then, Faculty of Science offered degree programmes leading to Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctoral degrees in Science.Students enrolled in a variety of short courses related to Science. Many other courses have been added after the year 2000.Starting with 67 students in 1989, the Faculty’s roll has grown steadily to serve over 15,000 students within the University. The College of Pure and Applied Sciences will continue the theme of Academia and reconstitute its departments into organized teaching and research-based schools namely; School of Biological Sciences (SBS), School of Mathematics & Physical Sciences (SMPS) and the School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT). This new structure reaffirms the commitment of the College to research-led higher learning. Excellence in fundamental sciences; Microbiology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Plant Sciences and Animal Sciences are intrinsic in COPAS. This places COPAS as the University’s defining College. Since COPAS has programmes that are tailor made to suit emerging trends in the world, the students enrolling and studying in the College will acquire relevant knowledge and skills in their respective areas. This will enable them to be in a position to face the current world’s dynamic challenges. Accordingly, the management o f the college is spearheaded by the following officers:

a)    PRINCIPAL-College of Pure and Applied Sciences (Prof. G.T.Thiong’o)
b)    DEAN – School of Biological Sciences (Dr .Peter Mwangi)
c)    DEAN – School of Mathematics & physical Sciences (Prof. Antony Waititu)
d)    DIRECTOR  – School of Computing and Information Technology (Dr.Micheal Kimwele)
The current programmes include:

Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of science in Analytical Chemistry; Bachelor of science in Control & Instrumentation; Bachelor of science in Actuarial Science;Bachelor of science in Financial Engineering; Bachelor of science in Mathematics and computer Science; Bachelor of science in Biostatistics; Bachelor of science in Statistics; Bachelor of Science Biotechnology; Bachelor of science in Industrial Chemistry; and Bachelor of Science in Genomic Science. The School of Computing and Information Technology build up from The Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology  (ICSIT) was established in 1998, before then programs related to computer science were being run under the Faculty of Science in the  department of Mathematics. ICSIT started off with Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program but a year later it started also offering the Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology program. Today ICSIT has two departments namely:

1.    Department of Computing
2.    Department of Information Technology To produce graduates in Computer Science, Computer Technology and Information Technology who are experts in Software and Hardware Infrastructure, development and Maintenance. Other than its own programmes the College services the College of Health Sciences (COHES); College

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