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I am delighted to invite you to this website of the department of Physics, Jomo Kenyatta University and Technology (JKUAT). As you explore this site, you will find a wealth of information: who we are, what research we do, what academic programs we offer, information on current staff and students, scheduled/upcoming seminars and workshops, and much more.

Dr. Anthony Kiroe, Chairman – Physics Department

The Department of Physics is one of the three departments in the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences (SMPS), College of Pure and Applied Sciences (COPAS), JKUAT.  One of its main objectives is to bridge the technological gap for industrialization in Kenya.
Currently, there are four bachelor degree courses offered in our department. These are:
  • BSc. in Physics
  • BSc. in Control and Instrumentation
  • BSc. in Geophysics
  • BSc. in Renewable Energy and Environmental Physics
They are all fulltime four-year courses and are in line with JKUAT’s mission statement of providing accessible quality university education, training, research and innovation in order to produce leaders in the fields of agriculture, engineering, technology, enterprise development, health and other applied sciences to suit the needs of a dynamic world. All these undergraduate courses incorporate classical and modern Physics units (Mechanics, Classical and Statistical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Quantum mechanics, etc.) in their syllabus. Additionally, these students are taught entrepreneurship skills so that they can use the knowledge and skills gained to engage in business.  Our students are able to implement their learning through mandatory industrial attachment of a minimum period of 8 weeks and through final year research projects in the last two semesters (about 14 weeks each) of their final year of study. For industry experiences, our students are normally attached to various institutions and industries including Del Monte Kenya, KPLC, EABL, KenGen, KEBs, etc. For the research projects, students are encouraged to identify a research problem, propose a method to tackle it, and implement the proposal. This activity is normally student-centred with minimal supervision and guidance from the lecturers. Immediately after graduating, our department also recommends the graduated students for internship in industry and institutions.
Academic Staff
Name:Prof. Anthony Waititu
Role:Dean School of Mathematical Sciences
Name:Prof. Anthony Waititu
Role:Dean School of Mathematical Sciences
Name:Prof. Anthony Waititu
Role:Dean School of Mathematical Sciences
Current Research
1.  Fabrication and Application of Magnetic Nanowire Array – Thin Film for High Energy Photon Portal Imaging
Researcher(s):    Ongeri R., Mulati D.M, Mwose P.
2.   Geophysical Survey of Olorgesailie Archaeological site.
Researcher(s): Githiri J. G.  Barongo J. O.
3.       Investigation of Velocity Distribution in the wake of a Model Wind Turbine
Researcher(s): Mutai Amos,  Kamau J.N ,  Mulati D.M
4.    Design and Fabrication of a cost effective High Power industrial carbon dioxide laser system.
Researcher(s): Kihara G.K, Gikunda E.

5.     Design, Construction and testing of A 0-1000V regulated high voltage DC power supply.
Researcher(s): Kasera A.A, Kinyua R,.

6.  Design and construction of an automatic engine immobilizer with an alarm
Researcher(s):    Muriuki B.N, Kinyua R.

7.  Assessment of the wind energy potential in some selected sites in Kenya
Researcher(s):    Kamau J. N, Kinyua R.

8.     Similarities in periods of Meteorological  variables over Kenya and Solar activity  periods.
Researcher:  Dr. Ndeda, J. O. H.
9.    Solar Signature in the Drought Occurrence in   Kenya.
Researcher:   Dr. Ndeda, J. O. H.
10. Modeling the climatic parameters and Solar  Irradiance using the atmospheric-solar parameters: Sunspot numbers, Mg II core-to-wing ratio and F10.7-cm solar radio flux.
Researcher: Dr. Ndeda, J. O. H.
11.    An Experimental design for producing holograms
Researcher:  Ominde C.F, Kihara G.K, Nyakoe G.

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News & Events

To all our Dear First Year Students, Welcome to 2023/2024 Academic Year.
On behalf of administrative, teaching and technical staff, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all our first year students to the School of Physical Sciences (SPS). We will ensure you have smooth running academic development programme from all our two department.

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