Architecture Students Tipped on Job Market Navigation Skills

The architecture landscape is fast evolving due to the development of new techniques that apply artificial intelligence and 3D printing in the creation of models, sketches and building construction.  This has necessitated the need to appropriately skill and prepare students for the labor market.

An official from Triad Architects explains to students
some of the services they offer.

In light of this, Department of Architecture in the School of Architecture and Building Sciences (SABS), in collaboration with Triad Architects, organized a mentorship event for students to arm them with important career tips to help them transition and navigate the job market.

The event saw Triad officials exhibit their company’s projects and encourage students to pursue job prospects after completing their studies. 

Speaking during the event, Chairman, Department of Architecture, Dr. Arch. Martin Mbidhi said, the event provided students with tips that will be useful to their future careers, urging them to be focused. .

“This event aims to provide students with critical knowledge and skills in architecture while also preparing them to be competitive in the workplace,” Dr. Arch. Mbidhi said, and further encouraged architecture students to networking with Triad authorities, emphasizing the value of being proactive.   

Speaking about Triad’s legacy, Director, Triad Architects, Ms. Cecilia Wahinya  said,  the architecture landscape has unlimited potential for students who have astute knowledge of drawing and are eager to do other certification courses that would strengthen their portfolios.

“As Triad Architects, we provide attachment to students who are curious, dependable, and have exceptional sketching abilities. Having a green building certification will also increase your chances of getting a job,” Ms. Wahinya explained.

She further said, the event, which is a celebration of Triad Architect’s 60th Anniversary, is a platform to provide students with experiences in the architectural business that would motivate them to build their own career paths.

A cross-section of the students
following the proceedings keenly during the event.

Ms. Wahinya encouraged students to frequently hone their communication and leadership skills and maintain up to date with architectural software in order to be competitive in the world of work.

On the impact of the event, Kevin Gitonga, a fourth-year Architectural student observed that the event was informative in the realm of architecture and he had learnt a lot particularly the application of new software skills.

“This event has been an eye opener in terms of the various designs done in the country and the importance of being diverse, working hard and being creative which can be a game-changer in terms of securing employment,” Gitonga observed.   

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