Dr. Winfred Karugu Bids Farewell to JKUAT After Three Decades of Service.

Dr. Winfred Karugu Bids Farewell to JKUAT After Three Decades of Service.

Dr. Winfred Nyambura Karugu has bid farewell to JKUAT after a distinguished career spanning over 30 years. Regarded as a beacon of knowledge, Dr. Karugu’s scholarly pursuits have inspired many within the academic community. Her insights and commitment to excellence have not only enriched the intellectual landscape but have also served as a source of inspiration for countless students and colleagues.

During a heartfelt ceremony at the Sino-Africa Joint Research Center on Friday, March 22, 2024, colleagues and friends from the College of Human Resource Development (COHRED) and Jomo Kenyatta University and Agriculture Enterprises Limited (JKUATES) gathered to bid farewell to Dr. Karugu. Described as a composed, honest, and forward-thinking leader, she was celebrated for her significant contributions to both COHRED and JKUATES.

In his remarks, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, Prof. Bernard Ikua, praised Dr. Karugu’s transformative influence on the advancement of both institutions, emphasizing her role in enhancing their financial sustainability and academic excellence. Prof. Ikua lamented the loss of an invaluable member of the university community and highlighted Dr. Karugu’s legacy as a trailblazer in higher education.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, Prof. Bernard Ikua gives his remarks during the farewell event.

Principal of COHRED, Prof. Florence Mwaura, acknowledged Dr. Karugu’s foundational work, which has contributed to the college’s growth and success. Prof. Mwaura attributed the institution’s achievements to Dr. Karugu’s leadership during her tenure as a lecturer and later as the Managing Director of JKUATES.

Dr. Joan Mutua, Chief Corporate Communications Officer, highlighted Dr. Karugu’s impressive achievements during her tenure, including the introduction of numerous academic programs and her dynamic leadership in various projects and consultations. Dr. Mutua underscored Dr. Karugu’s multifaceted contributions to the university community.

The new JKUATES Managing Director, Mr. Erastus Mvuria, praised Dr. Karugu’s contribution on the organization, stating that she has left enormous shoes to fill. He emphasized that her drive was a crucial factor in placing JKUATES as one of the university’s most important revenue-generating entities and one that would surely be missed.

In her farewell address, Dr. Karugu expressed gratitude to her colleagues and mentees, affirming her

Dr. Karugu with JKUAT and JKUATES staff members in a commemorative photo.

confidence in their ability to uphold JKUAT’s legacy of excellence. She reflected on her tenure at JKUATES, expressing her readiness for new endeavors while acknowledging the impact of her experiences at the university.

Dr. Karugu’s departure marks the conclusion of a remarkable chapter in JKUAT’s history, defined by innovation, dedication, and academic leadership. As she transitions into a new phase of her life, Dr. Karugu has disclosed her intention to devote her energy to personal endeavors, notably the development of her coffee brand, KAHUA, among other projects.

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