Hussein Champions Youth Climate Agenda at UNESCO in France

Hussein Champions Youth Climate Agenda at UNESCO in France

Mohamedin Hussein, 23, an undergraduate student pursuing Analytical Chemistry, was one of the delegate participants including 33 Ministers for Youth and 170 members of the Youth Forum on the social impact of climate change during the 42nd UNESCO General Conference held in Paris, France, 14 – 15 November, 2023.

Hussein who hails from Isiolo County, is the Chairperson of UNESCO Youth Forum Kenya, under the Kenya National Commission for UNESCO and he has been an active member of the Youth Steering Committee at UNESCO East Africa Regional Office.

The rationale for the Youth Forum was premised on the fact that “facilitating dialogue between young people and Ministers on climate-related topics nurtures a generation of informed and passionate leaders committed to creating a more equitable and sustainable world.”

The main objective of the Youth Forum was to facilitate dialogue between youth ministers and young people, generate solutions towards the implementations of the youth recommendations being put forward at the UNESCO General Conference, as well as surface national commitments towards the implementations of the Youth Recommendations being put forward at the UNESCO General conference.

Beside his position at Global UNESCO Youth Sterring Committee charged with planning, Hussein was a delegate flying the Kenyan flag, championing the country’s climate change agenda at the conference.

“I played key role in achieving the success of event especially coming up with ideas during ice breaking session and high level agenda session for youth ministers on the topic; “what are your goals solutions and or commitments to improve youth health and wellbeing outcomes related to the impact of climate change?” says, Hussein.

During the Youth Ministers’ session, Hussein moderated Minister Sandra Bergqvist (Finland), Minister Xu Xiao (China), Hon. Minister Kirsty Coventry (Zimbabwe) and Hon. Minister Elvis Nkandu (Zambia).

The Analytical Chemistry student says, most of his activities are unique and tend to align with SDGs and national goals. This has contributed to his securing several leadership opportunities.

He has also provided advisory on a number of issues affecting youth. In July this year, he made contributions to the Ministry of Interior and National Administration’s national peacebuilding architecture review process targeting the youth.

Although he says, he is passionate about championing issues of youth, Hussein regrets that his desire to advance the youth agenda is hampered by inadequate funding for youth initiatives. “I have many ideas for youths, but limited funding hinders implementation,” he concludes.

Hussein(third from left) poses for a commemorative photo with other delegateds at the Unesco Youth Forum

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