JKUAT Secures €300,000 Grant for INNOECOFOOD Research Initiative

JKUAT Secures €300,000 Grant for INNOECOFOOD Research Initiative

JKUAT has secured a €300,000 grant for the Eco-Innovative Technologies for Improved Nutrition, Sustainable Production, and Marketing of Agroecological Food Products in Africa (INNOECOFOOD) research project. This project, funded by Horizon Europe, marks a significant milestone for JKUAT as a key member of the consortium.

Comprising partners from diverse regions including Europe (Portugal, Germany, UK, and Turkey), East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania), Southern Africa (Namibia), West Africa (Ghana), and Northern Africa (Egypt), the consortium’s coordinating institution is CIIMAR in Portugal.

In Kenya, JKUAT is collaborating with institutions such as the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KIMFRI), ICIPE, Food Security for Peace and Nutrition Africa (FSPN-Africa), and Mayfair Holdings.

JKUAT’s allocated funding of €300,000 will drive research focused on leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things technologies to develop optimized, automated innovative systems under the ECOHub initiative.

These solutions aim to enhance the cultivation and processing of fish, spirulina, and insects such as Black Soldier Fly and Crickets. Additionally, the project aims to promote the consumption of value-added products derived from these resources.

This holistic approach is poised to bolster production levels of fish, spirulina, and insects, consequently enriching the availability of various value-added products for improved nutrition and sustainability.

Heading the JKUAT project team are Dr. Gareth Kituu from the Department of Biosystems Engineering, Dr. Florence Kyallo from the Department of Human Nutrition Sciences, and Dr. John Kinyuru from the Department of Food Science and Technology.

The project is slated for implementation over three years, commencing from January 1, 2024, to December 31, 2026.

Consortium members attending kick-off meeting of the INNOECOFOOD at CIIMAR, Matosinhos, Portugal, 6-8th February, 2024

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