Renowned Canadian Investigative Writer Volunteers at JKUAT

Renowned Canadian Investigative Writer Volunteers at JKUAT

Dr. Steve Buist, a former investigative reporter, editor, and feature writer for the Toronto Star and Hamilton Spectator newspapers in Canada, has volunteered to teach journalism students at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

Buist brings with him a wealth of experience in investigative journalism and has been involved in some high-profile projects in the journalism world that will help students better understand the process of developing and publishing investigative work.

His visit and volunteer work will take place between January and April 2024, and will be a vital step in providing students with hands-on experience in investigative reporting by assisting them in developing and producing investigative reporting projects.

He hopes to impart the students with skillsets through journalism tutorials and discussions, provide information about Canadian universities for undergraduate, postgraduate, and internship opportunities.

Dr. Buist is also interested in working with the faculty to provide guidance on setting up a practical program that will help students and instructors better understand the area of health communication; an area of great interest for media consumers but often poorly handled by journalists, who rarely have a background in science or medical education.

He holds a master’s degree in journalism from Durban University of Technology (DUT) in Durban, South Africa, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in human biology from University of Missouri in the United States and an honorary doctorate from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

Buist intends to engage with College of Human Resource Development (COHRED) staff members and share with them the viewpoint of health providers, health agencies (like clinics and hospitals), health research agencies (like universities), and an overview of investigative journalism techniques and approaches for improved health and medical communication.

In extending a warm welcome to Dr. Buist, Chairlady, Media and Applied Communication (MTAC), Mrs. Lilian Mwangi highlighted the significance of his experience in enhancing the skills of staff and students concerning health communication and investigative journalism from a global perspective.

She also stated that the chance will allow the college, and by extension, the University, to strengthen and deepen relationships with worldwide media firms, which will benefit both staff and students.

Dr. Buist has won five National Newspaper Awards, which is the most prestigious prize for Canadian newspaper journalists. He has been named Canada’s Investigative Journalist of the Year three times and Ontario’s Journalist of the Year five times. He is also a winner of the world’s most prestigious award for cancer reporting which is awarded by the European School of Oncology based in Milan, Italy.

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