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JKUAT Karen Campus Library

The JKUAT Karen Campus Library is committed to the University’s mission of supporting excellence in teaching, learning and research. We do this by providing collections that enable students and faculty have access to resources and information needed for education, scholarship and research. The Library’s serene location also provides an environment free of external distractions thereby enhancing the learning process and experience of its users. The Campus Library is headed by Janet; the Chief Librarian and managed by a sufficient team of staff that works with her to avail the Library services to the students and faculty.

The JKUAT Karen Library has automated its services using KOHA integrated library management system to aid in the University’s mission of providing quality access of material and services to its users. The Library offers the following subject-based information services: Science Information Services, Social Science Information Services, and Technology Information Services. Other services offered include Circulation Services, Electronic Information Services, Information Literacy Skills, Reading space, Binding Services, and Book acquisition and Processing services. The Library’s huge collection of E-Resources enables the students to access and enjoy these services and other materials wherever they maybe.

Library with wide collection of books.
Library in-house reading space.

To create an information system based on state of the art technology to promote scholarship.

To provide relevant information services to meet teaching, learning and research needs of the university.

Strategic Objectives

  • To acquire and provide access to information resources in all formats for teaching, learning, research and innovation
  • To preserve and conserve information resources for posterity
  • To enhance information literacy and competencies to maximize use of information resources
  • To spearhead proactive, transparent and accountable management of human and information resources and services
  • To provide a secure and conducive environment for library resources and users

The following are relevant links to access Library E-Resources as well as other relevant information:

Operating Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 8.00 am – 8.00 pm
  • Saturdays: 9.00am – 5.00 pm
  • Closed on Sundays and public holidays