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University life is a transitory experience that can mount uncertainty and stress on students. These experiences can be challenging to the students and sometimes overwhelming especially when they lack information and knowledge on how to process them. This can then affect them psychologically and emotionally, often affecting their academic performance and university life in general. Counselling is therefore designed to help facilitate student achievement by helping in their social development.

The Counselling psychology services, offered by a Counselling Psychologist, focuses on helping people improve their overall emotional well-being. Counselling psychologists help people deal with problems and make difficult decisions in various aspects of their lives. It requires a deep understanding of personality, cognition (how we think and make decisions), and communication. The services enhance personal and interpersonal functioning across their life span with a focus of emotional, social, vocational, educational, health-related, developmental and organizational concerns. Some cases however, require the intervention of both Clinical (specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of psychological difficulties in mental and physical health) and counselling psychologists. This Department therefore, works together with the Health unit when handling such cases. The department has also adopted chaplaincy for spiritual services.

The following are some of the issues handled:

  • Trauma.
  • Career counseling.
  • Crisis Intervention.
  • Developmental issues.
  • Loss and bereavement.
  • Alcohol and substance use.
  • Anxiety and Emotional disorders.
  • Processing interpersonal relationships.
  • Adjustment and transition difficulties.
  • Mental health and other psychological problems.
  • Referrals for sensitive cases.

To develop a student who is physically, intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually wholesome.