Five Students Fly to China for Global Huawei ICT Competition

Five Students Fly to China for Global Huawei ICT Competition

Five JKUAT students are embarking on an extraordinary journey to China, to showcase their talents in the Global Huawei ICT Competition scheduled for May 2024.

Leading the charge is Luis Kinyua, who will be competing in the Network Track, while his comrades Wendy Njeri Mumbi, Kenyatta Peter Chacha, James Maweu, and Emmanuel Kipng’eno will be demonstrating their prowess in the Computing Track.

These five exceptional students, alongside 18 peers from various universities in Kenya, are primed to leave an indelible mark on the global stage.

Expressing his gratitude, Luis extended heartfelt appreciation to the Huawei instructors, university lecturers, and Huawei Technologies for their instrumental role in facilitating this exciting opportunity.

“To all stakeholders involved, your unwavering support has made this journey truly unforgettable. Your guidance has not only helped us overcome challenges, but has also ignited our passion for the dynamic field of ICT, paving the way for aspiring Network and Cloud experts like ourselves,” remarked Luis.

In extending congratulations to the students for their qualification in the global competition, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi, encouraged them to strive for excellence and represent the University with distinction.

Prof. Ngumi emphasized the significance of such exposure in preparing students for the job market and expanding their horizons to the myriad possibilities available worldwide.

The Huawei ICT Competition, catering to students enrolled in Huawei ICT academies and higher education institutions globally, has garnered immense interest since its inception. In Kenya alone, it has captivated over 12,000 students from 40 universities and colleges, with a global footprint spanning 82 countries and engaging 150,000 students from 2,000 institutions.

Guiding these bright minds in their quest for excellence are mentors; Mr. Philip Oyier, Ms. Wairimu Gichaiya and Jonathan Mwai, who provide invaluable support in the Cloud and Network Tracks.

Impressed by the students’ remarkable training and unwavering dedication, Mr. Oyier lauded their exceptional performance in both practice and innovation competitions, attributing their success to a combination of talent and perseverance.

“As a Lecturer in the School of Computing and Information Technology, I have witnessed firsthand, the passion and commitment these students bring to the table. Despite encountering obstacles along the way, they have demonstrated resilience and determination,” said Mr. Oyier.

According to Ms. Gichaiya, an ICT Officer at JKUAT, as an industry partner, Huawei demonstrates unwavering dedication to providing cutting-edge technology and is widely respected for its adept navigation of the ever-evolving technological environment.

“This expertise ensures that students gain the resilience and adaptability necessary to effectively meet professional responsibilities,” attests Ms. Gichaiya.

Jonathan Mwai, an ICT Officer at JKUAT, commended Huawei for bridging the gap between industry and academia, providing students with invaluable exposure to cutting-edge technologies essential for the modern workforce.

The students were not only awarded cash prizes and Huawei products, but also received internships. Additional recognition was bestowed upon lecturers and women in technology.

A section of the Eighteen Kenyan students headed to the global final in Shenzhen, China in May 2024 cut cake in celebration

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