JKUAT-SEED Student Initiative Launched

JKUAT-SEED Student Initiative Launched

JKUAT-SEED Student Initiative marked a significant milestone with its official launch, March 7, 2024, heralding a new era of innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable energies.

With a mission to cultivate a culture of creativity and enterprise among both students and faculty, the initiative domiciled in the JKUAT Sustainable Energies, Entrepreneurship, and Development (SEED) Project sets out to tackle one of the most pressing global challenges of our time; sustainable energy.

According to the JKUAT SEED Project Coordinating Officer, Mr. Dennis Koech the vision of the initiative is ambitious yet vital.

“JKUAT-SEED Student Initiative sets out to establish itself as a premier hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in the realm of sustainable energies, contributing substantively to the worldwide shift towards a low-carbon, resilient, and inclusive society,” said Mr. Koech

Dr. Eng. Hiram Ndiritu, the Project Lead of JKUAT SEED and COETEC Principal makes his remarks

Central to its goals is the promotion and adoption of sustainable energy solutions. By launching sustainable energy projects and fostering partnerships with both local and international organizations, JKUAT-SEED aims to drive tangible change in the energy landscape.

The founder of the initiative, Mr. Victor Odhiambo said planned activities encompass a diverse range of engagements aimed at nurturing talent and fostering collaboration.

“From workshops featuring external speakers to mentorship programs and field trips, participants can expect hands-on learning experiences that bridge theory with practice,” explained Mr. Odhiambo.

On his part, Dr. Eng. Hiram Ndiritu, the Project Lead of JKUAT SEED and COETEC Principal urged the student to use the platform to gain valuable industry connections, practical skills, and engage in experimental learning thus contributing directly to meaningful projects.

“In essence, the launch of JKUAT – SEED represents a pivotal moment in the journey towards a more sustainable future, empowering the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to lead the charge towards a greener, more prosperous world,” concluded Dr. Ndiritu.

At the helm of the JKUAT – SEED Student Initiative stands a dedicated team of student leaders, exemplifying passion and commitment towards the cause. Led by Chairperson, Gideon Yuri, Treasurer, Purity Wanjiru, Secretary General, Charles Nyambati, and Social Media Marketer, Peter Mugo, these individuals embody the spirit of innovation and drive that defines the initiative.

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