JKUAT Shines at the 2023 KENET Annual Forum

JKUAT Shines at the 2023 KENET Annual Forum

In December 2023, during the Heads of Institutions Forum organized by Kenya Education Network (KENET), Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) emerged as a shining example of academic prowess and innovation.

JKUAT’s stellar performance in this regard was highlighted by its first-place ranking in terms of critical ICT staff numbers, including Network/System Administrators and Application Developers.

JKUAT’s commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation was underscored by its remarkable standing as the second university in Research Productivity, a testament to the dedication of its researchers and scholars.

In an era marked by the omnipresence of digital technologies, cybersecurity has emerged as a paramount concern. JKUAT’s proactive approach to cybersecurity was duly recognized as it secured the third position among institutions in terms of cybersecurity awareness. This accomplishment underscores JKUAT’s commitment to safeguarding its digital infrastructure and fostering a secure virtual academic environment.

At the heart of JKUAT’s academic endeavors lies a commitment to research excellence. This commitment was exemplified by the outstanding performance of its faculty members in various Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Prof. Mwangi Waweru’s distinction as the top researcher in the SIG Computer Science, along with the notable achievements of Dr. Lawrence Nderu and Dr. Michael W. Kimwele, reaffirms JKUAT’s standing as a hub of scholarly output and innovation in the field.

Similarly, in the SIGs of Material Sciences and Engineering, JKUAT’s faculty members continued to distinguish themselves, with Prof. Kareru Patrick Gachoki, Dr. Edwin Madivoli, and Prof. George Nyauma securing top rankings within their respective fields.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Victoria Wambui Ngumi expressed profound pride in the University’s achievements, emphasizing its unwavering commitment to excellence.

She commended the faculty and students for their dedication and tireless efforts in upholding JKUAT’s reputation as a center of academic excellence and innovation.

Prof. Ngumi lauded the collaborative spirit that permeates the university community, recognizing it as a driving force behind JKUAT’s success.

“JKUAT’s remarkable performance at the 2023 KENET Annual Heads of Institutions Forum serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in research, cybersecurity, and technological innovation. We stand as a beacon of inspiration for institutions embodying the spirit of innovation and academic excellence,” said Prof. Ngumi.

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