Toastmasters Club Members Share Life Experiences

Toastmasters Club Members Share Life Experiences
Toast masters officials

The JKUAT Toastmasters Club is meant to give the young talented minds a platform to harness their skills and gain confidence in the art of public speaking.

The hall was teeming with members of the Toastmasters Club who had gathered at JKUAT for the Hadithi Zetu, 2nd edition forum on June 30, 2023.

“Public speaking is like a baby; easy to conceive and hard to deliver,” were the sentiments of Mr. Ken Agutu, the outgoing president of toastmasters Kisumu.

Speaking during the event he graced as the chief guest, Mr. Agutu encouraged students to actively participate in public speaking.

He told students that their success depends on their fellow students and the society and they should let people write their stories. He asked them to take the initiative to act on their ideas.

Venessa Njoroge, an engineering student at JKUAT spoke on the hurdles she had to overcome as she tried to figure out her career path. Like most teenagers, she too was in turmoil when it came to selecting a Bachelor’s degree to pursue. She was at a crossroad, caught between a degree she was passionate about and one with a prestigious name and status, she chose the latter.

As she got admitted to pursue a degree course she was not passionate about, it left her devastated thus fell into clinical depression. The Toastmasters club played a great role in her mental health journey, as she found great comfort in socializing with its members through public speaking. She has since become a great advocate of students selecting courses they are passionate about.

“The Toastmasters Club came at an opportune time in my time at JKUAT. It helped me optimize on my spare time. Through quiz nights and testimonial Tuesdays, it molded me into the great speaker I am today.” Sylvia Chebet, a graduate in Telecommunication and Information Engineering, emphasized.

“The Club which has been functional for the past three years, annually holds a symposium where the club associates get a chance to share their encounters and milestones.” Caroline Waweru, the Club’s President explained.

As every speaker took to

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