Wilhelmsen Ship Management Visits JKUAT on a Scouting Mission

Wilhelmsen Ship Management Visits JKUAT on a Scouting Mission

JKUAT has continuously produced top-notch graduates for the workforce, particularly in the field of Marine Engineering. As a result, the institution is now recognized in producing high-caliber training programs for Kenyan seafarers employed by global shipping firms.

This recognition was solidified during a courtesy visit on Monday, January 15, 2024, when Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM), Acting General Manager, Africa (Marine Personnel), Mr. Craig De Savoye, met with the University Management Board and College of Engineering and Technology faculty members.

The meeting aimed to establish a potential partnership between the two institutions, facilitating WSM, a company providing third-party ship management services, in expanding its recruitment efforts into Africa to meet the growing demand for seafarer personnel.

The visit holds significance in identifying marine students who can contribute to enhancing the company’s regional workforce diversity.

Speaking during the event, Mr. Craig stated that Mr. Craig emphasized that the marine industry is undergoing a significant transition, marked by increasingly complex ships. This evolution necessitates the engagement of new and young workers who have undergone extensive training to meet the industry’s evolving demands.

“There is a high need for new competent sailors with the necessary skill set in the maritime business today. As a WSM with 450 boats and 9200 active seafarers, we feel that expanding our recruiting effort to Africa will strengthen our workforce and give an alternative recruitment base,” Mr. Craig observed.

He stated that WSM is interested in developing chances for Kenyan graduates through training and retention for the container, bulk carrier, and general cargo ship portfolios, as well as ensuring their career path is stable and supported.

Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM), Acting General Manager, Africa, Mr. Craig De Savoye addresses Marine students during an interactive session at the IPic Building.

Accompanying the General Manager, Amb. Nancy Karigithu, an advisor and ambassador of the blue economy in Kenya, stated that the government has put measures in place to assist the blue economy as a means of hiring the youth, noting that different procedures have been put in place to guarantee graduates gain employment.

“The Kenyan government is dedicated to supporting the Kenya maritime landscape by developing policies and strategies that encourage sustainable development and management,” Amb. Karigithu asserted.

While emphasizing the importance of increasing employment opportunities for Marine Engineering students, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration and Finance), Prof. Bernard Ikua lauded the Kenyan government, through the Kenya Maritime Authority, for establishing key partnerships with shipping companies that have proven critical in graduates gaining key experience and, ultimately, employment.

“As a result of the substantial rise in demand for Kenyan cadets over the years, graduates now enjoy increased employment opportunities, with nations such as Korea and various European countries actively seeking professional seafarers. Establishing partnerships with organizations in the shipping industry is crucial to ensuring that maritime students have a wide array of job options available to them,” said Prof. Ikua.

The event was also addressed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research, Production and Extension), Prof. Jackson Kwanza, Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs), Prof. George Thiongo, Acting Principal, College of Engineering and Technology. Dr. Joseph Sang, Dean, School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (SOMMME), Dr. Onesmus Muvengei and Chairman, Department of Marine Engineering, Dr. Jotham Munyalo.

JKUAT Management and Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) after the consultative meeting.

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